Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Change Your Facebook Account Settings for Better Privacy and Security NOW !!


Thanks to this Arif,even i never know him before, that I just read his status on this Facebook Security a few minutes after I just had a demm prank spam from Indonesia last night. A big thanks from me Arif, you really helping me realizing about this security things and helping others to know about this. Cute and handsome betul la you. Tak percaya? Are you kidding me? Ce nengok, ce nengok betul ke tak apa yang aku kata. 

Ok get back on the track, enough arguing about the handsome guy yang baik hati. Basically this setting is called Facebook HTTPS and it enables a more secured way to browse Facebook when you are on an unprotected wireless network. Then, as usual, I asked encik Google to help me about this https and here’s a line from the article that really caught my attention :

“One blogger sitting in a random New York Starbucks was able to steal 20-40 Facebook identities in half an hour.”

So, what? Isn't that creepy. Aigoo, it makes me want to remove my account FB immediately and coincidently I just watched Criminal Minds on serial killer that he kill his victim based on FB account and twitter. Oh demm. I got both of it. Thus, don't think internet just a silent server for you, once your information in, it will never be remove. Okay, whenever I deleting my account, my information is still there, hohoho...So, cheer up guys, I am not deleting my FB account. hehhehe... Drrr...and obviously I use to be very fun  updating my status every day and wanted to put all my info in my FB wall. I just getting addicted with it and now, I harus jaga-jaga. Oh, macam la a lot of stalker want to stalk my FB and twitter kan. Tapi, if just nak update ngarut-ngarut status tu ok lah kan? hahahhaha...See, still wanted to update fb status lagi.

So my advice now,  please change your account setting for better security and privacy. This is a MUST Ok. And here are the simple steps that you need to follow ::

go to  Account > Account Settings > Account Security. Click on Change and  enable on the checkbox for Secure Browsing (https).

Account Security on Facebook is Super Important!

p/s : Hehehehe..... simple je kan. Why la I am so noob last night, boleh plak klik spam link dan berbagai. Cess dan cess lagi.


adek dah besar said...

tulis dalam bahasa melayu la der. payah gua nak translet.

wahida said...

takder muka!!

Shukri Mohd Ali said...

masih ada yang mahu jadi kaya dan terkenal dengan memuja setan. hahahaha.

N A N a t O said...

adek : kuikuikui..sekali sekal guna bahasa orang..haru jugak jdi nya...

N A N a t O said...

k.wahida ;bgus kak..x yah buat terus....:)

N A N a t O said...

shukri: tu lah..masih ada yg sayang...hantu punyer video..sib bek tak kene lemah jantung